Conference Programme

Events with the icon will be streamed LIVE from Basel. Other events will be recorded and available in the video library soon.

Thursday, Sept 8

Welcome Schedule

13:00 – 19:00 Registration, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17
13:00 – 16:00 Coolhunting Academy with Peter Gloor, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17 view summary
13:30 – 16:00 Guided Tour Novartis Research Campus, meet at Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17
19:00 – 22:00 Welcoming Dinner Invitation, Restuarant Hirscheneck

Friday, Sept 9

Conference Schedule

9:00 Morning Coffee, University, Rheinsprung 9

Experience Mining and Dialogues with a Pattern Language for Creative Learning by Takashi Iba, University, Rheinsprung 9 view summary
tryplex: how to swarm by Patricia Käufeler, Benjamin Schmid, Stephan Urech view summary

Papers: Collaboration and Group Flow, University, Rheinsprung 9

Editorial Collaboration Networks of Wikipedia Articles in Various Languages by Takashi Iba, Ko Matsuzuka, Daiki Muramatsu view abstract
JazzFlow – Analyzing “Group Flow” among Jazz Musicians Through “Honest Signals” by Peter Gloor, Daniel Oster, Kai Fischbach view abstract
Herding Cats: Reflections on Collaborative Research Projects by Karsten Jonsen, Christina Butler, Rian Drogendijk,Jakob Lauring, Jon E. Lervik, Kristiina Makela,Cecilia Pahlberg,Markus Vodosek,Lena Zander view abstract

13:00 Lunch, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17
Interactive Paper Session: Networking for Knowledge, University, Rheinsprung 9

Experience of applying KBDeX as Self-Assessment Tool in Collaborative Learning by Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Jun Oshima, Ritsuko Oshima and Sanshiro Sakai view abstract
Pattern Language 3.0 Methodological Advances in Sharing Design Knowledge by Takashi Iba view abstract
Collaborative Mining and Writing of Design Knowledge by Mami Sakamoto, Takashi Iba view abstract
YouApp – Finding Patients Like Myself on Facebook by Linda Bäbler, Peter A. Gloor, Jermain Kaminski, Leslie Marticke, George Dellal, Michael Seid view abstract
Open Space Innovation Network. The Origin of Ideas Over Time. by Lukas Zenk, Filip Agneessens, Giuseppe Labianca view abstract
Crohnie COINS: A Review of Online Networks For and By Patients with IBD by Dana M. Greene view abstract
14:45 Coffee Break
Papers “Fields for Collaboration”, University, Rheinsprung 9

Why Space Matters for Collaborative Innovation (Net)work(s) by Markus F. Peschl, Thomas Fundneider view abstract
tryplex: a Report on Setting up a COIN by Mischa Schaub, Benjamin Schmid, Stephan Urech, Patricia Kaeufeler view abstract
Designers’ Semantic Networks for Collaboration by James A. Danowski view abstract

16:00 Coffee Break
Interactive Paper Session “Design & Education”, University, Rheinsprung 9

Upstream Prospects Through Design by Regine Halter, Catherine Walthard view abstract
Evolving Design/Reframing Perspectives: The role of COINs in the evolution of a discipline by Christine Miller, Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness view abstract
iCompetence: A Novel Computer Science Curriculum by Sarah Hauser view abstract
Collaborative Literacy by Robyn Richardson view abstract
Design and our Health: The Link Between Comfort, Aesthetics and Healing by Mariah Ruth Hay view abstract

17:15 Coffee Break
17:30 Keynote Presentation: Future Academy – Applied Swarming by Kirsten Langkilde, University, Rheinsprung 9
18:30 Opening Artifacts Presentation, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17
19:00 Networking Dinner, Restaurant Mägd

Saturday, Sept 10

Conference Schedule

Download a PDF version of the schedule.

All paper abstracts and workshop summaries are available on the coins scrbid account.

9:30 Morning Coffee, University, Rheinsprung 9

mo’ to go! by Mischa Schaub view summary
Exploring (Enabling) Spaces by Thomas Fundneider, Markus F. Peschl view summary

Papers: Cases, University, Rheinsprung 9

Collective intelligence based algorithms for the coordination and harnessing of the corporate crowd’s innovation potential by Ioanna Lykourentzou, Dimitrios J. Vergados, Amedeo Napoli view abstract
Monitoring Changes in the Social Network Structure of Clinical Care Teams Resulting from Team Development Efforts by Grippa F., Palazzolo M., Bucuvalas J., Gloor P. view abstract
Tricks Seen Round the World: A Case Study of how Online Networks and Viral Video Created a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry for Action Sports by Allycia Jones view abstract
13:00 Lunch, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17
Interactive Paper Session: Cases, University, Rheinsprung 9

The Study of the Discourse of Electronic Media Using a Network Approach (The Discussion of Russian Federation Joining the World Trade Organization) by Prosyanyuk, Daria V. view abstract
Visualizing Financial Networks by Inês Salpico, Kimmo Soramäki view abstract
Understanding LOHAS – A SNA approach by Oliver Posegga, Matthäus Paul Zylka, Johannes Putzke, Kai Fischbach view abstract
Issue and its Public: Application of Social Network Analysis to the Content, Structure, and Dynamics of Discussions in Blogosphere. by Alexander Semenov view abstract
Open Space Innovation Network. The Origin of Ideas Over Time. by Lukas Zenk, Filip Agneessens, Giuseppe Labianca view abstract
Analyzing TakingItGlobal (TIG) by Elysia Wells, Martin Schneider, Benjamin Sturm, Sven Witting view abstract
15:00 Coffee Break
Papers: Economic Impact, University, Rheinsprung 9

Moods in Social Networks as an Indicator for Stock Market Performance by Jonathan Frei view abstract
Analyzing Success of Startup Entrepreneurs by Measuring their Social Network Distance to a Business Networking Hub by Peter A. Gloor, Pierre Dorsaz, Hauke Fuehres view abstract
Online Social Network Matters to Entrepreneurial Performance: Diverse Actors are Critical by Yang Song view abstract
16:15 Coffee Break
Papers: Visualization, University, Rheinsprung 9

Wikimaps: Dynamic Maps of Knowledge by Reto Kleeb, Peter Gloor, Keiichi Nemoto view abstract
Automatic Analysis of Gossip in E-Mail by Michael Henninger, Hauke Fuehres, Peter A. Gloor view abstract
Social Network Structures in Movies by Michael Schober, Jermain Kaminski view abstract

17:30 Coffee Break
17:45 Keynote Presentation: Reflections on the archaeology and genealogy of the collaborative commons by Michael Shanks, University, Rheinsprung 9
19:00 Farewell Party, Hyperwerk, Totentanz 17

Student volunteers get free entry and a free bed!

coins11 is excited to offer an amazing opportunity for students. Student volunteers will get free entry and free accommodation in basel in exchange for their help. This is a savings of over $300.00 USD.

Detailed information about this offer, can be found here. This offer is only valid for students attending the full conference, from the 8th to the 10th of September. Please fill out the form below. You may select multiple choices. Limited number of beds are available and offer is valid on a first come first serve basis.

No separate registration for student volunteers is required. Someone from the organizing committee will contact you soon with a confirmation email.

Novartis campus talk and guided tour on registration day

coins11 attendees!

Please register quickly to be able to apply to participate in the talk about environmental design for swarm innovation in a research campus and the related guided tour through the Novartis campus on registration day, Thursday 8th between 1330 and 1600 hours. There still are some places of this limited offer left and we should know the names of the interested people till the 31st of august. Entry is limited to 20 attendees only and on a first-come first-serve basis only.

View the formal invitation for more details.

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